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I'll Show You How To Get Your Leanest FASTER Without Having To Try Another "Program, Fad Diet, Or Buy Another Useless Supplement Ever Again.

On This Strategy Call We'll Cover:
  • How To Integrate Tracking Into Your Daily Routine In Less Than 5 Minutes A Day:  So you always know EXACTLY where you're at, what to do and when to do it to get into the best shape of your life!
  • ​How To Focus On The 20% Of The Work That Produces 80% of the Results: So your fitness goals dont take up a ton of your time and you will never need to kill yourself for results again
  • How To Use The Diet Priority Pyramid and The Perfect Diet Formula: So you get 6-Pack Lean While Eating Whatever Foods You Want
  • How To Train Following The 3-Phases Of Training For Muscle Growth & The Overload & Adapt Strategy: So You Never Need to Spend Hours in the Gym Killing Yourself or Spend a Second of Your Time on a Cardio Machine Ever Again

And… On This Program only, You’ll Get Bonuses Included Worth Over £2000!


Trained With Dozens Of Other Trainers & Not Had Results?

Andres From Sweden🇸🇪

 Working with a client like ANDRES reminds me why I love this job so much. Since starting the program ANDRES has had a clear vision of where he wants to be and what he wants to achieve. Week on week he has taken everything on board with great enthusiasm. He works extremely hard and is consistent, diligent and determined to succeed. If there has been something he didn’t understand or wasn’t sure of he has always been honest and open about it and has asked questions to ensure he fully understand the process and what he needs to do. It’s not often you are asked to be the best man at a wedding and it’s certainly not often a client builds such a strong bond, friendship and love with you that he feels you are his right hand man. Andres tells me every week that I’ve changed his life, the truth is, has changed mine.⠀
“Since starting with Charlie lots of things have changed! Over the last 5 years I have been coached by numerous trainers who lose interest after a few weeks. With the help of this program I have built up a great relationship with Charlie and I have been very impressed with his professional approach and wealth of knowledge. The biggest thing I wanted from a coach was flexibility and Charlie has been there 24/7 answering any questions I have. Trust is a big thing for me, at the start I questioned some things, 12 weeks later I'm in the best shape ever whilst I am eating double what I was at the start. Charlie has totally changed my outlook not only on nutrition and supplementation but has allowed me to find my love for training again whilst still enjoying everyday life. Not only professional in his approach but a genuine honest guy who would not let you down!””

Are You A Busy Mum & Dont Have Time?

Vesna from the USA🇺🇸

I started my journey with the goal of getting in the best shape of my life and competing, as a busy mum who works this is not something I ever thought I would be able to do!

I was so close to backing out of the show at the last minute, but Charlie was there for me as a mentor and a friend, telling me if I didn't do this I would regret it, that I needed to step up and make myself proud! I competed in the competition placing in my first WBFF show and I couldn't be any happier!

I honestly didn't think this would be possible for me with my busy schedule as a working mum, thank you so much Charlie for helping me exceed my goals!

Is Your Wedding Your Goal?

Nigel From Gibraltar 🇬🇧

 I started my journey with Charlie on the 8th March 2018 and what an incredible journey it has been so far! Charlie put together the most perfect program, which has allowed to shred a bucket load of body fat and build a fit and strong lean physique! My body composition is the best it has ever been and we are still going! Charlie has an incredible work ethic and is a great motivator! There were times when I thought I can't do this or balance this lifestyle with a hectic working schedule and I saw my motivation waning! Charlie was there every step of the way and made sure I stayed not just on track, but that I excelled! Another positive trait is that Charlie has always been very honest with me, and for this I am truly thankful. In truth, I am extremely thankful and grateful for what Charlie has done for me! My confidence has never been higher and it has had a massively positive effect on my personal and professional life! 

Charlie is helping me embark on journey to be a fitter and better version of myself! Take it from me, just an average working guy, no special ingredients or genetics, yet the changes have been phenomenal! Honestly I cant recommend this gentleman enough! If you are willing to put the work in and want a positive change, then theres really only one question left.... What are you waiting for?

What has been even more amazing about Charlie, he has become a great friend and got me in the best shape of my life for the best day of my life.... My Wedding!

Charlie & Nigel at his wedding

Do You Commute & Struggle For Time To Train?

Ben Bates - LONDON, UK 🇬🇧

BEN: Ben works in London in a really busy job, he commutes a few hours a day and has limited time to train, is that an excuse? It could have been but he made it work. As you can see Ben absolutely killed it and got in the best shape of his life
“I am very happy to have joined Charlies 1 Week Shred Program. The weekly check ins made sure I was smashing through goals and setting the bar high with great accountability. Charlie and the team had continuous guidance and their encouragement in holding myself accountable meant I could get the best out of nutrition, gym workouts and also to become the best version of myself in all areas of life. This is still one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Are You A Busy Father & Need To Train Early?

Andrew - Sydney,Australia🇦🇺

"I worked with Charlie for the last 12 months and he has completely changed my life, I followed him for 6 months before signing up.

At first I was sceptical, I am a busy father of 2 boys so I have to train early in the morning to fit in my training, so I wasn't sure if this would work for me, but after a week I was see awesome results, after 3 months I had lost 12kg, in all honesty this has been one of the best things I have ever done, completely life changing, I never believed I could do this, I have been trying to get in shape for years and I have finally achieved it thanks to you Charlie"

Scared Your Not Going To Look Your Best On Your Wedding?

Luke - London, UK 🇬🇧

"I worked with Charlie for the last 12 weeks and he has got me in the best shape of my life for my wedding!

I was originally terrified I wouldn't be in shape to enjoy the wedding or our honeymoon as I am very self concious, but with charlies help not just as a coach but as a friend he helped me believe in myself to achieve my goal! I had an incredible wedding and I was in the best shape of my life for my Honeymoon! Thank you so much Charlie for making my memories even more magical"

Are You A Father Who Has Been Fat His Whole Life?

Nabil - London, UK 🇬🇧

"Charlies program has achieved something I never thought possible, I work night shifts, I have a little girl and I always found these as excuses as to why I couldn't achieve my goal of getting leaner

With Charlies guidance and accountability I got in the best shape of my life and even did a photoshoot at the end of the transformation! Thank you so much Charlie for making me believe in myself and fulfilled my potential!"

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